We are a colourful group of talented people with a purpose of helping others. Most of us are born in Finland, but all of us consider ourselves as citizens of the planet Earth. The company's headquarters is located in the heart of Finland, Rautalampi.


The story of our company started when Jouni decided to give all of his energy to share his knowledge about the human as a combination of body, mind, emotions and spirit. Almost as if the universe wanted this project to be successful, Jouni met a bunch of talented people.

We all shared the same vision of helping the whole human kind with our expertise and quickly a new form of a tribe came to life. We all want to share our talents in order to help the whole humankind to rediscover the love for life and for themselves.

Our dream is to unite all the warriors of light to work towards a common goal. It’s time to learn from the elders and bring back the traditional tribes that offer the kind of connection we lack in the western society. Humans are gregarious mammals who don't thrive on their own.