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Deep breathing is the ultimate alchemy tool and it is with you in everything you will ever experience in life. What if you enhance your experiences in life in a more deep and satisfying way just by changing your breathing patterns and learning unique breathing techniques?

When you are experiencing “fight or flight”- mode, the common advice that people usually give is to take a deep breath. That advice is missing something important, because controlled exhalation after the deep breath really gives you the control of yourself and what is happening to you.

Altering your breathing rhythm and speed will give you access to a wide selection of wanted effects and you will be more able to relax, even in the most uncomfortable situations. Using the Alchemist breathwork protocols, some of us have been able spice up their sex life by learning how to control and even multiply their sexual energies. The myth of being able to have an orgasm without ejaculation has been cracked…

Why does Jouni think that he has something new to offer in the world of so many breathworks already? When practicing his breathing techniques, Jouni realized that when inhaling without air resistance, it’s much more difficult to experience the wanted benefits of breathworks.


When developing his breathing techniques, Jouni learned that in order to get the perfect results in every breathing session, there are two things that you need to know. It requires very gentle and precise muscle work with proper inhaling techniques. By learning these two things, every breathwork that you do will give you the effects and benefits that you need.

The main reason Jouni created Inner Alchemy was to share his knowledge of specific effects when using his techniques. He also wants to give the experience that you can acquire by breathing in a certain way to everyone who is interested or who might benefit from it. From that idea the Alchemist app was born.


The Alchemist app will contain a wide selection of different breathworks to guide you to a whole new world of sensations and experiences. These 5 breathworks will be in the first version of the Alchemist App.


The most important one of Alchemist breathworks is called Healing Journey. In this session you will experience deep relaxation as well as high voltages in the nervous system. Healing journey will gently clean and heal your nervous system. Expect to feel pleasure as well.


When the alarm clock wakes you up in the morning and your eyes just won’t stay open, all you need is Wake Up- breathwork. It gives you the same kind of effect as drinking a strong cup of coffee would give. Wake Up! is designed to give you a quick charge in the nervous system and to wake you up and after this short breathwork you will feel focused and more awake for the whole day!

Wake Up! (Demo version)


The main reason for a person not being able to sleep or rest properly is overload in the nervous system. To help people with this kind of problems, we have designed Rest In Peace- breathwork. In this relaxing breathing session we use controlled exhalation to activate the parasympathetic nervous system for you to feel overall relaxation.


Everyone needs a break once in a while to be able to continue tasks that require concentration. A “normal” way to relax during that break is to smoke tobacco or eat something that gives pleasure. Because both of those are usually bad for your health, when repeated several times a day, we want to give you an alternative option. Take a Break- breathwork is something that fits for everyone because it’s gentle and simple. You will experience both relaxation and energizing effects while doing it.


What do you get when you combine the power of alchemist breathwork with challenging concentration practise? By using complex breathing patterns as a tool to force the attention to the present moment, you will be more present in the now and increase your overall concentration skills. Enter the Flow- breathwork will give you similar benefits as doing a long stillness meditation and it will give you a nice energy boost to keep your mind positive.



Hi! My name is Jouni Karonen and some people know me as the Alchemist. I am a father of three lovely kids and a health enthusiast who lives in the middle of the forest. I started my spiritual path 8 years ago by doing simple yoga and meditation. As I learned more of my own health, I started studying different breathing techniques. I studied all the breathworks I could find originating from ancient ones (kundalini yoga, qigong) and ending with popular breathing techniques from the 21st century (Wim Hof, Buteyko, Joe Dispenza).

At the beginning of my spiritual awakening everything seemed easy and new experiences flowed effortlessly as if they would’ve been gifts. After many months of being in paradise, the inevitable happened and the peace of the paradise was taken away in a form of the greatest teacher that anyone can have. Me and my wife Nita received a gift of huge responsibility when our first child was born.

Becoming A Father

When life gets more complicated and the freedom of doing nothing disappears, it’s time to meet the “real you”. It’s not that easy to stay positive when you haven’t slept well, at least one person is screaming in the same room and most of all; your partner doesn’t have extra energy to take care of your needs anymore because both of you have to take care of your child's needs first.

As our first born Kia started to grow and required more attention and effort, I slowly began to realise that both me and Nita have been unreal in our relationship. We were not being honest to each other about telling our true desires and showing our raw emotions. This caused a huge gap between Nita and me and no matter how hard I suppressed my emotions and tried to be the adult in the fights, I just couldn't get things right. It did not matter how much I wanted for that ugly part not to exist within me, I had to accept that the monster existed in both of us and that both us, not just Nita, needed some serious healing to happen.

From Forcing To Accepting

The fact that I lost control over and over again to this unconscious part of myself made me realize that the most important quality that a person can develop is self-awareness. I mean that in terms of being able to understand their own behavior, emotions and reacting to their autopilot ego.

When I became more aware of the issues that i had inside of me, I tried to heal myself by forcing myself to live an extremely healthy life. I did not put anything toxic in my body and I isolated myself and my family from the “ordinary” people. I thought that maintaining outer peace would lead to inner peace. Luckily the game of life is programmed in a way that we receive teaching through our life in forms of failure, drama, pain, suffering and death.

I learned the difference between heaven and paradise is that paradise is a place of peace and heaven is a state of peace. Slowly I adjusted my behaviour towards love and acceptance instead of hate and control. As soon as I started to see myself as a beautiful creature with flaws that might never go away I began to feel love even when I was alone doing nothing.

Time To Thrive

I believe that if we want to save mother earth from human race, we need for every human being to heal from their own traumas and addictions. I am guaranteed that in the center of every human being is unconditional love and that love is what we want for everyone to find within themselves. This will bring our consciousness in harmony with life itself and by that transformation the human race will thrive again.

I suggest that you keep in mind that there is no finish line in life and that as soon as we stop growing, we will start dying. It’s time to get to know the real you and the best way to do that is to pursue your dreams without the excuses of ego (“I will do it tomorrow…”). I have learned that the only way to know what your dreams are is to start taking steps every day towards them. Change is always painful but even more painful is staying in a place where you don’t belong.

They say that you are what you eat, but what if the only thing that you really are made of is the result of the things you do and choices you make in everyday life? Gently push yourself to do something useful with every minute that you normally would waste for example by scrolling social media. Whenever you have even a small chance of improving your wellbeing, try to choose to leave the comfort zone and for example take the stairs instead of using the elevator. Remind yourself that in order to get where you want to be, you must keep walking forward, no matter how bad the weather is.

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