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Dancing is the most natural way to let go of the past and be in the now. Moving to a certain beat with the right kind of music will most certainly assist you in releasing suppressed emotions or entering ecstatic states of consciousness. There is music to suit in every situation and emotion and there is already a perfect movement for every chord. You just had to let go and surrender, trust and let the music fill your body and break out from you as a movement and as a dance.

The healing power of dance has so much to offer and dancing can quickly get you in emotions or away from them. Emotions are energy and movement releases energy so dancing makes perfect sense! Suppressed anger can be turned into ecstasy by dancing, grief can be danced into beauty, and a dancer who has begun his/her dance being insecure can end his/her performance as an empowered superhero of his own life.

The best thing about dancing is that you don’t have to know it to benefit from it. Even the smallest movement can be counted as a dance and even the smallest movement releases energy, memories and emotions. Allow your body to surrender to the music. Close your eyes. Feel the music in every part of your body. The movement can be large or it can be small. Let the music pass through you and create the most incredible and most beautiful shapes with your body.



Heippa! My name is Nita and I am a mother of three lovely children and a wife to one amazing Alchemist. I love to create with my hands, whether it is art that I'm painting by myself or fun crafts done with my children. Creating something from nothing is a beautiful thing!

This Where I Started

I have dedicated almost my entire life for doing nothing but thinking ugly thoughts of myself and the world around me. Everything has always been someone else's fault. I was the self-doubting girl who saw herself so ugly and fat that no one would ever desire her. I thought that I was stupid and I hated my body, treated it really badly and decided not to listen how it screamed its pain and suffering to me. I lived in an illusion where I thought I was experiencing love even though in reality I was in a big bubble of shame, lust and fear. I lied and manipulated my way to getting friends and keeping people near me. I was lost and didn't know who I was and what I wanted in life. I suffered from a lot of mental problems and made depression to be my identity.

My Knight In Shiny Armor

In the year 2008 the universe sended me light and love in a form of Jouni and I got to experience for the first time what unconditional love was and how it felt. It wasn’t until I first experienced selfless love and only when I was first accepted and embraced who I really was, that I could slowly begin my healing journey. Little by little and piece by piece I started to gather myself together. I started to accept parts of myself that I had kept hidden from others for years behind the veil of shame and Jouni was there to support me at every step in the way.


At that same time we started to travel our spiritual path together with Jouni and since then our life has been anything but boring! I have been in a front row watching Jouni transforming into Alchemist and that has forced me to think about my life and what I am doing with it. I feel that Jounis transformation has been so huge that all of us, who share our life with him, have been forced to look at ourselves from different angles and see our place of growth.

Time To Grow

After becoming a mother, almost 7 years ago, I noticed that doing nothing for my entire life had caused damage within me and I hit a wall with this painful realization: Something has to happen in order for me to be even able to raise my children.

Still, even with the painful realization, I could not get myself to do any major changes in my daily life, I was still at the same spot where I was lifted in the past with Jounis love towards me. I saw that even though we were on the same path with Jouni, I had just ridden on Jounis spiritual development and picked up all the good things on the way. My own work throughout the years towards myself had been minimal and not nearly enough for me to be at the same place with Jouni.

My state of mind and actions caused by it started to create a gap between me and Jouni and I was devastated. How come I, who had this amazing husband with all of his amazing information, knowledge and experiences about life to teach me, just could not get my shit together? I decided that spirituality just was not for me and I quited. I “surrendered” to the shitty situation that I called life and concentrated only to survive one day at the time.

Dance and Me

In the summer of 2019 I was once again, forced by the universe, in one of those situations where I had two options; run away from my problems or face them. I decided to try to face my shit one more time, but now for real, and I was willing to do whatever it takes.

I'm not sure how or when it happened, but there was this point where i noticed that my body, all of a sudden, started to move whenever there was music to be heard and it was like I could not stop myself from moving. I could feel how music let me to feel my emotions in a healthy way, by simply letting go. I learned that whatever emotion I had inside of me, all i had to do was to put on the music and the emotion would just flow out of me, it was like magic! I can't help thinking that dancing was given to me as a tool to save me from myself.

There is no doubt that I haven't got a lot of great and effective tools to work on myself and my traumas over the years that I have spent with Jouni, but it wasn’t until that summer of 2019 that I really discovered what “my thing” was.

By dancing I've been able to work with big and strong emotions and dancing has become a big part of my everyday life. I'm not saying that there is nothing else out there that could help me to heal, I just believe that dancing was the first link that combined me to myself and opened my eyes to see that beautiful woman that I have become and that I have true potential inside me.

When I danced and dared to surrender to the movement and music I really started to find confidence and beauty in myself. I realized that the biggest obstacle that I had and what was in the way of my spiritual growth before, was the hate that I had towards myself and therefore towards all life. I started to work hard for myself for the first time in my life and I decided to put all my focus on my number one problem, my own shame.

Oh, The Things I have Learned...

Through dancing I started to face my shame bit by bit: I danced in front of the mirror and tried to find something beautiful about myself and the movement that i was able to create. It was an empowering moment to see myself dancing and it had a big effect on my self-image. I also shot videos of me dancing and sended them to Jouni, because even though we have been together now for 12 years, my shame had such a strong crib on me that I could not even let myself go and surrender to the moment in front of the love of my life.

Now I'm working my shame in a way where I push myself into situations where I need to face the fear of what other people might think of me. For example, when I'm in a public place and I hear a good song, I start to dance. This has also been a good place for my children to face their own shame; “Mom, stop doing that! So embarrassing!” HAH! I can only hope that by my example of how to deal with your own shame and set myself free from it, my children would never set limits on their life due to the same things that I have.

I started to reprogram my mind into this new way of thinking where no one is ever going to tell me when or where my emotions can come out of me. I saw very clearly that our suppressed emotions are one of our biggest problems that we have as humans and I decided that I was not going to suppress anything in me ever again!

One of my biggest realizations that I had when I was working with my shame was that in order to release myself from it, I have to start carrying the responsibility of my words and actions and face the people that I have lied, hurted and manipulated. I had to face it all and ask for forgiveness.

Oh, and one revolutionary and mind blowing realization was that it does not matter how many people forgive me, I would still be stuck in the past without forgiving myself of all the same things.

We can't get rid of our shit by sweeping it under the mat and pretending that it does not exist. The only way to really be free and enjoy our life is that we must face every part of us, even the darkest and ugliest.

I also realized that I had used so much energy in the past trying to be something that I was not. Pretending to be something else made me lie all to my loved ones in a way that it was hard to keep going. I had to “come clean”.

I can't say that telling the truth and facing the shame that comes out of it is easy, because it's not. The most terrifying and scariest thought for me was that what if this person who I'm going to tell about my dishonesty, is not going to like me anymore? But the risk had to be taken and I believe, that all the negative shit that comes out from coming clean and telling the truth, is worth it. At least it was for my case. I started to break free from my chains of shame and it felt amazing!

Through my own work that I have done with myself I got to learn that the number one obstacle that prevents us from living our life to the fullest, is our own conditioned mind. The fear of what others might say or think of prevents us from living our daily lives like we would like and we often make our choices based on how we think others want us to live.

Our mind is a powerful tool if we learn how to use it instead of letting it use us. If we let ourselves sink into the thinking that we can't do something, we can't. Simply by training your mind to work with you and not against you, magic starts to happen!

Dancing was the start that I needed in order to find the love within me. When we love ourselves it is much easier to make the good choices in life in order to heal. I have only scratched the surface of my amazing journey but already I feel that I'm onto something amazing.

My Advice To You

Don't waste your precious energy on other people and your fears about what they might think of you, you are not living your life for them, your life is for you and only for you! So next time when you hear music and find that your body is looking for a movement, don’t hesitate. Don't resist. Surrender to it, let go. Give yourself permission to be in the moment and permission to feel in the moment whatever is coming out of you. Let the music go through you and create something beautiful in the form of dance into the world that so desperately needs beauty.

As my knight in his shiny armor of love once said; let every part of you be visible, be Rainbow!

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