Wellness and wellbeing means feeling happy and healthy in our body and mind through your everyday life. Taking care of the inner parts is what we mean by everyday alchemy. To live a full and balanced life we need all the colours of the rainbow.

Twenty minutes of Yoga or a cup of hot chocolate might give a short relief, but for a harmonious and healthy life we need to create solid and healthy routines. Giving time to your body to heal is required, but human beings are made of many different layers and each layer requires different types of attention for it to work as it was designed to work.

If we truly want to understand ourselves, we need to experience both Yin and Yang; cold in order to enjoy heat and in the same way we need to experience suffering to know what peace even means. How could we know what is light without the experience of darkness?.

It’s common sense that if a person wants to overcome the fear of the dark, he must go to darkness for that lesson. In the same way if you want to find your courage, you need to face your fears.

We encourage you to develop inner strength by including discomfort into your everyday life. Keeping up with different kinds of routines and habits that require stepping out of the comfort zone, your mind will slowly adjust to a new way of living and the complaining about little things will disappear.

In yoga traditions (Yoga Hatha Pradipika) these kinds of routines are called Kriyas, the cleansing practices that were created in the 15th century to support the process of spiritual awakening. There is plenty of wisdom in these ancient practices, but often modern lifestyles require an updated edition and that's why we are here.

Creating a healthy routine and good habits for every day are key components for living a balanced life. As you are the alchemist of your own wellness, you can design the perfect day for yourself that includes all the necessary activities for giving birth to the best version of yourself.

Here Are Our Listed Tips For Every Day Alchemy


How well you are hydrated is a huge influencer on how you are feeling at the moment. It’s common knowledge that from the water that you drink only a small percentage is absorbed by our body and the rest goes through you, taking toxins and minerals with it. If a person is not well hydrated it’s most likely because of the low amount of water in the food that the person is eating.

For example; If you eat 1kg of cereals that are in dried form, they will end up absorbing a huge amount of water from you and your body will have a hard time digesting it. If something is dried, it doesn’t matter how much you soak it in the water because the water that was taken from the plant is not the same kind of water that was in the food in the first place. For that reason, even if you boil rice for a very long time, the rice still ends up missing the “”right type” of water and it will absorb a lot of water from you when digested.

Normal tap water that we are used to drinking consists of 50-70 water molecules tied together in a one cluster and the human body has hard time drying to absorb anything from it. However, the water clusters of plants and fruits consist of only 3-7 water molecules so it is much easier for the human body to absorb.

Hydrating your body and keeping it hydrated requires for you to eat a lot of living and easily digestible things, such as fruits and vegetables. To get the same amount of hydration from the water that you would get from fruits requires you to drink at least 5 times more water than what you would have to eat.

We encourage you to try eating only fruits for your first meal of the day and see yourself the difference!



Showering in the morning removes toxins and residues from your body that have accumulated there during the day before. Cold water closes the pores of your skin and increases the blood circulation of the body by awakening the fire inside of you. There are dozens of great studies done that shows the wide selection of benefits from cold exposure.


Hot exposure is really healthy for your body and just by relaxing and feeling the heat in a hot room (sauna) does miracles to your mind! Finnish studies are showing that there are a lot of health benefits from heat exposure.

Going to the sauna once a week and staying there at least 15 minutes continuously will do the trick, but why such a long period of time? The answer is found in the old saying “outside the comfort zone is where the magic happens”. In this case (and many others) the human body “enjoys” controllable stress from heat and puts the micro-muscles to work in the cardiovascular system. That prevents further problems in the body that would otherwise arrive in the absence of hot/cold exposure.



It is not only wise but also important to create a clear rhythm for your meals. Every moment that your stomach is digesting a meal, a huge amount of energy goes to the digestion process along with blood circulation.

We want to encourage you to include some form of fasting to your everyday life. There is a huge amount of information, studies and discussion forums on the internet about fasting and different kinds of fasting programs. Go and see what kind of fasting fits for you!


Meditation, even if it is just sitting for 5 minutes in silence and letting the mind relax, makes a noticeable difference in your mind and it sets you on the right track for each day. The mental health benefits of daily meditation include better focus and concentration, improved self-awareness and self-esteem and lower levels of stress and anxiety. It has also been said that people who practise daily meditation show more kindness towards others



Nature is the reservoir of energy. Energy of living plants is pure, clean and full of life. When we surround ourselves with the presence of trees and plants, we connect ourselves to their biomagnetic field allowing them to heal us. There are lots of studies showing this phenomenal effect

Try organizing your daily schedule to include contact to nature, even if it is just 15 minutes a day. If you live in a city, there is always at least one tree that you can be close to and give warm hugs to. You can also grow your own plants and flowers in your home and connect with the biomagnetic field of living plants in that way.


There are two big influencers that can prevent your deep sleep and cause it to be inefficient. One is an overload in the nervous system that keeps the brains active and alert throughout the night. Another is a fully functional digestion system that forces the blood circulation to the stomach instead of the brains.

For you to get the perfect rest while sleeping, deal with whatever emotions you’ve supressed and eat light before going to bed.



Even Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven is only for child-like beings. We believe that inside everyone of us is a child that wants to play and have fun.

Playing as an adult doesn’t have to mean getting to the floor on your knees and moving small plastic figures around. Having fun as an adult can be trying new things for the first time and playing games with friends and family. It can also be all kinds of things that you can do with your own body and that makes you smile and laugh.

By doing something that is so fun that you lose track of time, you will almost effortlessly enter the flow state. That is something we want to encourage you to do, so search for that kind of experience every day!


Making love every day is something that we advise you to at least try! It doesn’t mean that you should be fucking with your partner like animals every night, but rather to include gentle touch and cuddling to everyday. There are a lot of practical modern tantra instructions on the web for free to get you started.

One easy way to enter new states of pleasure is to use edging technique combined with super slow breathing. You can get huge benefits from combining edging and breathing techniques, even when you are making love solo.