FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

The meaning our tribe would want for the compound of those words is to cover all the sensational phenomenons that the mainstream science has witnessed but is still unable to give a proper and complete explanation. The effects of thoughts (concentration), beliefs (placebo) and emotions to the physical body and its chemistry, are at the core of inner alchemy.

The initial effect that begins when a person starts to breathe deeply is the effect on the blood pressure and heart rate. Next comes a wide selection of wanted effects on the nervous system and brain chemistry. Some of these effects cause trauma release which helps with mental illnesses like addictions, while most of the effects are relaxing and produce serotonin and oxytocin while lowering the tensions in the body. Long term effects for daily breathing sessions are still under research, but they are showing great results in increasing the capacity of our lungs, fixing our immune system and increasing the ability to concentrate. There are several universal effects that a breathing session will cause both during the actual session and for the rest of that particular day.
Breathing with different patterns alters the amount of carbon dioxide in the blood as well as electric current in the nervous system. Breathwork can either activate fight or flight response (sympathetic) or active parasympathetic nervous system and stimulate the vagus nerve. Longer breathing sessions have potential to release trauma and allows the person to access a timeless experience within their own consciousness.

Alchemy pipe is the first breathwork device to assist in deep breathing. With the Alchemist App working with the pipe there are different options for choosing whether a user wants to increase alertness, feel relaxed or to assist the body to heal itself.

Our company wants to share the knowledge and expertise of conscious deep breathing to all of humankind. The Alchemy pipe is designed to give the perfect air resistance to support relaxed deep breathing.



As long as it takes for the subconscious mind to remember how the inhalation should feel in a way that deep breathing becomes autonomic when doing the breathwork.

No, but the effects are stronger if you have only liquids in your stomach.

Anytime, there is a breathwork for every moment.

Whenever your stomach is empty.

No, if you follow our instructions.

There are short-term benefits and long-term benefits.

You should talk to your doctor about that, we can't give any legal medical advice yet.

It is possible but there is no straight path to healing because the human body is so complex and we are still learning more of how and why this perfect design goes out of balance.

Many people with those kinds of conditions have found help from different breathworks.
Most common breathwork amongst military people is box breathing which is taught in the navy as a tool to relax even in the most stressful situation.


With most certainty.

The plastic that we are going to use is a combination of wood fiber and plastic used for injection molding.

No, we will use electronics that are made in China. The production of the plastic parts as well as the assembling will be done in Finland.

We hope that it is as long as yours.


Yes, just clean it with hot water in between.

After every breathwork session.

There are some breathing sessions in the software that requires perfect stillness. A user will acquire access to the longer and more intense breathing sessions by training the shorter ones with the pipe and mastering the required techniques to relax when experiencing intense sensations.

As long as the App exists.

Clean it properly with hot water.

With hot water.

Contact our support.

We will arrange events for longer and therapeutic breathworks and there will be staff members that will guide and work as a sitter.

Yes. Every individual who is planning the alchemy tools has worked their expertise for many years and everyone has created something unique in their own field of expertise.


Yes, we are.

It varies according to the location.

5-14 business days.

Please contact us.

You are always welcome to join us in our mission to help heal the world. Every bit counts :)