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Meditation or medication? Meditation is used to heal the mind and medication is for healing the body. Focusing on the smallest sensations found within, you will maximize your efforts in terms of how quickly you gain benefits from the practice.

There are several scientifically proven health benefits that you can acquire from learning how to calm yourself through meditation. Our main goal for practicing meditation is to increase general alertness and to give you the opportunity to act reasonably in stressful situations instead of just reacting like an autopilot based on the conditioned mind.



There are a lot of different types of meditation techniques and too many of them are focusing on different types of doing instead of simple observation in stillness. When your mind is calculating from 1 to 10 with the breath, which is a typical meditation technique, you are constantly concentrating on active doing instead of pure observation. We call this lvl1 meditation and although it is a necessary step when you train yourself to meditate, it becomes problematic when the “monkey mind” learns how to calculate automatically without your concentration needed.

The benefits of meditation can be much more than just a tool to calm yourself whenever life gets tough. Daily practice of conscious observation in the stillness will deepen your understanding of yourself and it will give you time to choose a new way to act.

Stillness meditation will assist you to become an expert of yourself in terms of why and where sickness, pain or suppressed emotion is and how it is causing problems in your life. We want to offer an ancient type of meditation that guides you to a state of pure observation without active doing.


The human body has intelligence of its own and it is able to repair itself if the conditions are suitable for healing to take place. When you are doing Standing meditation, you are also using gravity as a tool for straightening the spine and the core muscles.

Doing your daily meditation in standing position, you are automatically forced to constantly remind yourself to be present. If you do Standing meditation and your mind starts to wander too much, you will start to lose your posture. We believe that Standing meditation is something that you should do everyday, because it is an efficient way to train your “monkey mind” to be in the now.