Our vision for the future is clear, but the means to get there are still under development. It should be obvious for every human that no one should have to experience hunger, thirst or war when being alive on this planet. It should also be clear that we need to cooperate with Mother Earth in all the ways possible, for every life form to be able to thrive on this planet.

We think that the solution to all of our problems is unconditional love. The problem that we have as a human kind is lack of kindness and overload of depression, greed and shame. We need to invest everything we possibly can to provide clean energy for the whole humankind free of charge.


What are we going to do to change the current situation in the world besides funding geothermal power facilities and solar power plants with our profits? We are designing a complete “program” to assist you in your own healing process. With our software you can become the best version of yourself.

The complete version of the Alchemist App will include
>Breathwork sessions to alter the state of nervous system
>Mobility based workouts which will include superhero workout
>Transforming Alchemist Yoga
>Challenging and new types of meditations
>Dance therapy for releasing suppressed feelings

We believe that the only teacher you will need is already inside of you. The Alchemist app offers best tools for you to get where you want to be. Who knows yourself better than you? At the end of the day it is just you alone with yourself and we want to make you feel proud of yourself and assist you to feel unconditional love for yourself. We are designing the software, so you can thrive and be your best in every moment of your amazing life.


We have plans to include Virtual Trainer based on artificial intelligence in the software. The whole team will put their knowledge and expertise into the AI. The AI will guide the user with the help of various devices that we’ve designed.


The AI will include a philosophy of love and it will cheer for the user by reminding of the positive effects that the user will experience, both in short and long terms. To experience a whole new level in the breathing sessions, we have designed a breathing mask. The mask will allow the AI to adjust and measure the amount of air that the user is inhaling. It will also make workouts and yoga practices more difficult and more effective.p>

One of our dreams is to make a full body VR-experience in the Alchemist virtual reality. This realm would include therapy, fantasy and various training simulations to prepare the user for difficult experiences he may face in real life. The main goal of this project is to combine all the healing tools we have with the best technology to support them.

We have planned to design a bodysuit for VR-experience that gives you physical experiences like warmth, minor electric shocks and sense of impact (by means of electromagnetic push and pull). Apart from that, the helmet we have designed could include brain activity sensor and aroma dissemination for almost real and intense immersive experience.


We’ve planned quite an ambitious future for Inner Alchemy to establish the underlying connection of the nervous system, emotions and the effects of the breathwork being practiced.

There is no clear scientific knowledge yet why breathwork has such a profound effect on people who are practicing it. Current scientific literature on the mechanism of breathwork has only scratched the surface and hasn't gone deep enough to unravel the significance of breathwork on the nervous system regulation.

Our nervous system consists of two branches, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Sympathetic nervous system is responsible for involuntary actions of our body such as heart rate variability, control of the autonomic immune system and so on. Sympathetic nervous system is also responsible for the control of fight or flight mode.When we experience danger, anxiety and stress, we are under the dominant control of the sympathetic nervous system. Parasympathetic nervous system is an antidote system that brings back balance to our body after the stressful situation is over. However, this is not the case for people experiencing chronic stress and anxiety disorders who are in constant fight or flight mode.

Our specialized breathwork protocols are powerful enough to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and bring back the balance to the chronically stressed human body by lowering the voltages in the nervous system. We hypothesize that this is because the electric currents can be altered during breathwork by doing specific muscle work and stimulating the vagus nerve, which is the biggest nerve connecting the brain to every organ in our body.

Nervous system of a human body is a complex electromagnetic system and the root cause for chronic conditions will be found from the energy blocks in the nervous system. These energetic blocks are most probably the reason for ineffectiveness of conventional pharmaceutical medicine. We believe that breathwork is a powerful tool to resolve these energy blocks in the nervous system and help the patient to improve their symptoms and live a better life.


We want to develop a device which can detect the energy blockages in the nervous system by sensing the electromagnetic profile of each precise location in the body, especially in the spine. The workname of this device is called “what is wrong with you?”- meter.

If we could detect exactly where the energetic blockages are in the nervous system, we would be able to know exactly what kind of suppressed emotions (traumas) are causing the resistance in the natural flow of energy (electrons). This would be a revolutionary approach compared to the outdated, inaccurate and ineffective methods to understand the root causes of chronic mental and physical conditions. Our aim is to develop this into a standard procedure that could be adopted in every physical and mental health clinic.

We want to fill up the knowledge gap by conducting voluntary clinical research as part of Inner Alchemy and its followers with our specialized breathwork protocols and our measurement device.