Why would anyone want to workout everyday? Our answer to that question is that it is the only way to sustain abilities required for an enjoyable way of living. We want for everyone to restore the natural capabilities that we all had when we were younger and we want everyone to reach their new heights with only a small amount of time spent on the workouts.

Our one of a kind workouts will assist you in the beginning of your journey and they will support your recovery from your training by strengthening supportive muscles and reducing the risk of injuries. We challenge you to try our superhero workouts which are designed to develop your body beyond what you think is even possible to achieve. Our superhero workouts are inspired by the way we have seen our favorite superheroes workout (for example such as Goku, Batman, Iron Fist and Spiderman).



Mobility is the base of all movement and it is the strength in the range of motion of the muscle. It is important for all of us to develop and sustain this golden quality because we are all moving beings and from the first moment that we stop moving our body it will start dying.

Good mobility will allow you to maximize your progress in anything you ever decide to do, whether it’s parkour, squatting, kickboxing or simply just playing with your kids. If you don’t work on your mobility, you will either develop acute and chronic injuries or just hit a wall in your training progress.


Being strong is not the same thing as having big muscles. Strength comes from the ability to use the body's whole power capacity rather than biology of the muscle tissues.

If you want to become strong, the best training equipment is your own bodyweight with the exercises that combine super slow repetitions, static grips and full body loading. Full body load exercises done in a way that we mentioned above will increase your strength faster than any basic gym workout would ever do. Your bodyweight will always give you the perfect resistance and we will assure you that once you complete the alchemist workout training program, you will be almost as strong as your favorite superhero!


Do you have your calendars full but still would like to improve your oxygen uptake, burn fat and feel better? What if we told you that you are able to experience all of them in a really short time without any equipment?

Our body works at full power for a maximum time of 20-30 minutes and for this reason short exercises in fast heart rate zones are very efficient. You have probably heard of HIIT or HIT workouts? The terms refer to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and High Intensity Training (HIT). These workouts are high-intensity exercises that will push you to your limits and therefore help you to envelop your inner strength.


Have you heard of the saying: "movement is medicine"? We would like to correct that in a way that only the right kind of movement is medicine because with only one-sided training you can create problems where there is actually immobility.

Today many people are suffering from chronic pains and illnesses and we think that is happening because of their passivity. Just as we think that many people unknowingly cause themselves harm by working out too monotonously. For example, it’s rather easy to “destroy” your shoulders by doing bench presses without any balancing movements included in your training program.

We want to empower your recovery with the right kind of gentle movement that will help you recover as quickly as possible and achieve your goals faster. Our bodies are our temples and the only places we have to live throughout our entire life, let's be wise and take good care of those temples.



Hola! My name is Jori and I'm from Mäntsälä southern Finland. I have a lovely family of three which includes me, my dear wife and our amazing little toddler. We love to do all kinds of things as a family whenever we have a change.

Passion For Coaching

I started coaching at the age of 17 and I can say for sure that coaching is my passion and my dream job. I enjoy helping people to find their true potential and it is rewarding to see the progress in my clients. My capacity for love doesn't end for humans though. We are all earthlings and that's why I have decided to follow a vegan lifestyle. I have completed many education on the human body and many are yet to come, because I have an endless thirst for knowledge and I want to challenge myself to learn more about the human being as a whole.

My Rocky Road

Not everybody knows about the difficulties and obstacles that I have been forced to overcome to become the current version of myself. No one knows how severe injuries I’ve had and how many times I’ve fallen down, wept like a baby and still gathered myself for going forward. Many of you don’t know that in my past I’ve had periods where I literally started my day with painkillers to be able to get through the day.

I’ve had to learn my lessons through the hard times and through many physical and mental collapses. The young Jori, who did boxing, thought that he knew enough of the human body and how it works. He also had this crazy and stubborn idea that the only way to have a successful training program was to train for 4-6 hours every day. Anything less than that would have been a failed day in terms of training. This inevitably led to an overtraining-condition, a state of under-recovery which took me almost one year to fully overcome.

In my last boxing match, before I quit, I had this scary moment where my hands no longer stayed up to keep me safe from punches. I remember crying in the dressing room with a towel covering my head and wondering what was wrong with me.

From that moment I have traveled a long way but the pain and injuries still followed me. Throughout the years I’ve had an ankle fracture, a tooth cracked, several stitching trips to the hospital and most recently a big shoulder surgery. From all the difficulties that I have had I learned something valuable and I have risen up after every obstacle. Even in my darkest moments I've always found the will to continue on my journey. While giving up is always an option for some, I will never take on that rope. I will never give up. Ever!

Mobility and Me

I got excited about mobility when I was 20 years old right after another scary accident that happened to me, where the muscles on my right leg just betrayed me. I was sitting on the toilet when this happened. I was confused, why me? I saw myself as a nice young man in his twenties who was in good shape. I was terrified of what had happened to me, and after a while sitting in the toilet, I said to myself that from now on things are going to be different!

Until that moment, where my leg just stopped working, I had lived my life in a way where I had neglected my body's messages, did not take care of myself and on top of everything I was sure that stretching my body after workout (or at any time) was a women's thing to do. Until that moment in the bathroom I actually thought that I was doing great with my painkillers. Today there are no similar pains or pinches in my body that there was before and I can do things with my body that I didn’t even know was possible before!

Mobility is the foundation of all movement and therefore everyone should do it, every single day. Mobility is my passion, not my strength, and that’s why I choose to do it every day, to stay on top of my game.

I would like for everyone to understand how important it is to take care of your body and for this reason I have prioritized spreading the happy message of mobility my number one thing after my dear family. I coach clients, I have created my own mobility method and I teach that method to future personal trainers. I also produce and share content about mobility training in social media. I do all of this so no one can ever again say that they did not know any better.

Lastly, I want to say to all of you, that always remember to do your best in every situation in your life, no matter what is the best that you can do at that time. When you feel awesome you will automatically have a lot more to give to others. You are unique so take care of yourself!

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