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In Alchemist yoga the combination of our team's knowledge is put together to guide you deeper in your yoga practices by enhancing the wanted effects of yoga. Because at the base of everything that you do in yoga is breathing, we are guaranteed that we have a lot to offer to you when we combine Alchemist breathwork and super slow yoga asanas with both the masculine and the feminine energies.



Wake up with the sun and start your day with Solar yoga! We guarantee that even if you would feel exhausted physically after the practise, you will have a huge energy boost for the rest of your day. Solar yoga is a combination of Alchemist breathwork and Kundalini Yoga including some traditional yoga asanas done in a completely new way.


The practice of Lunar yoga is a combination of Yin yoga, Alchemist breathwork and guided meditation. When you do Lunar yoga in the evening, you are making the water element inside of you cool down your inner fire. The water has capabilities to heal the body and restore its balance and energies for the day to come.

In Lunar yoga practises we will give the body time and space for restoring the natural healthy state and to clean all the major nerves from stress and depression. When combining the right asanas with alchemist breathwork, you can alter the frequencies of the electric currents in the nervous system and allow your anxiety to transform into ecstatic bliss.


Our Element Yoga gathers all of the primary elements (fire, water, air, space and earth) in one session creating something completely new and exciting in the field of yoga.

When doing the Alchemists Element yoga you can,
>Light the fire inside of you
>Move the water to let go of your suppressed emotions
>Clean the nervous system with air
>Visit altered states of consciousness
>Ground yourself super effectively



I am Inka Gutierrez, born and raised in Finland. I have travelled the world and got to live in the USA, Latvia, China and now I am living in Costa Rica, at the edge of the jungle, with my husband and animals.

My name Inka comes from Peru and it means the Child of The Sun, which describes my personality very well. I am enthusiastic, energetic and I let the sun shine upon me, promoting happiness, love and gratitude in my everyday life. In Costa Rica we say – Pura Vida – pure life!

Yoga Studies

Yoga has been a part of my life for over eight years for now and it has changed me and transformed my life. I relate to the saying: "Yoga has made me mentally stronger, softer inside, emotionally steadier and more flexible and fearless both on and off the mat."

I completed my Yoga Teacher Training in Shanghai, China (Body & Soul Yoga) and my 500H training in Peru with School Yoga Institute. Since then I have practiced, retreated, and workshopped all over the world, which has inspired and influenced greatly my teaching style. My style of teaching is ever evolving but always spiritual. When I look to my students I do not see only a physical body, but a soul in a body that needs nourishment.

Turning Inwards

Before I became a yoga teacher I worked in the corporate world for over a decade by serving punctually and responsibly in the international mining technology industry. I lived in a stressful, busy, achieving, competitive and very driven lifestyle. My life was all about scheduling and performing that schedule. I was at the top of my career, yet I still was not satisfied.

When yoga came to my life, it offered me the much needed space for connecting with myself and it also gave me a place where I could feel content. I tried to continue balancing my corporate life with yoga but the calling to serve the world through yoga was stronger than satisfaction for steady paycheck. I jumped out from the corporate world, sold most of my belongings and packed the remaining in my mom’s basement. I took my pack bag and travelled to Latin America to teach yoga. A few years later, here I am, in the jungle and living and breathing through yoga, the union.

When I am not teaching yoga, I work with my husband on nature adventures, where we offer nature experiences to travelers in the most biodiverse place on this planet in the south of Costa Rica.

Yin and Yoga

I am serving my life's purpose of sharing love and light through yoga. One form of this offering is my YIN Yoga teachings within the Inner Alchemy. By sharing this beautiful practice of Yin, I invite everyone to find their own sacred space for healing, equanimity, tranquility, and transformation. Yes, all that is possible with Yin Yoga!

It is through Yin Yoga that I learned that it's okay to relax. As a Youngster, I did not see the point of relaxing before. Now I know that it is actually necessary for the body to find that cool energy to calm down the nervous system and to restore Qi the prana in your body. In addition to gaining the understanding of the importance of restoring Qi and Prana, through well guided yin practice I was able to tap into locks and parts within me that I had kept sealed.

With Yin I was able to tap into parts in my past that I had been too afraid to look at. I realized this is medicine that I need to share and I started guiding regular Yin classes Finland in my local studio. I have also created a 50hr yin yoga teacher training where I empower people to share the art of Yin Yoga.

In my work I offer 1-2 Yin Yoga teacher training sessions annually along with 200hr yoga teacher training with School Yoga Institute. Yin yoga is a beautiful practice that takes us on a journey into our inner world. Through the practice of Yin we start to understand the world through stillness and softening. Yin helps us to turn inwards, tune-in and listen. When we can understand ourselves, we can start to understand the world around us. Yin practice on the yoga mat teaches us how to practice stillness off the yoga mat.

We start to understand that there is a pause between action and reaction. The body benefits from calming of the nervous system, increased serotonin levels and reduced depression, reduced stress, anxiety and chronic pain and improved respiratory and cardiovascular function.

What is Yin Yoga?

Yin yoga is a slow paced physical and meditative practice where one targets the yin – the cool side of the body by staying in each asana or posture from 3-5 minutes (and sometimes longer). Yin yoga targets the bones, tendon, fascia, ligaments and joints of the body, whereas the traditional yoga (yang) targets the muscles. Yin yoga aims at increasing the fluid circulation in the body and improving the flexibility in the bones by creating a positive stress. In Yin yoga we focus turning inwards, cultivating inner silence and connecting with the body through breath and staying in postures for longer time offering more time to stress the bones and ligaments allowing whatever needs to move through to move through.

Yin Yoga consists of the elements of passive, non-striving and long -duration stresses targeting the yin-like tissues of the body: fascia, ligaments, tendon, joint capsules and bones. The intention of the Yin practice is lengthening, flexibility and lubrication. Yin yoga offers deeper access to the body targeting our connective tissues, fascia and ligaments with the aim of lubricating and protecting our joints. By staying in the poses for a longer time allows openness and spaciousness not only to the physical body but to the energy body as well. The effects of the Yin practice are on many levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

The flow of life is going through Yin & Yang. Without Yin there is no Yang. Without light there is not darkness and without heat there is no coolness. To understand Yin – we need to understand Yang. When we start to understand Yin we learn how to turn inwards, how to listen and observe, how to find resilience and how to bounce back from challenges in life.

Practice of Yin yoga is deep, dense and intense. It is full of meditation and turning in. It is a practice of checking in instead of checking out. This is yoga for the brave people. We learn to have the courage to deal with our issues and samskaras and to seek for the solutions and answers within, rather than seeking external relief to our problems. We become our own healers.

Why Do I Teach Yoga?

“I do believe that the world would be a better place if everyone would practice yoga".

I believe that yoga offers a space of connection within us. We can start to connect with the person who we were before the world told us who we are supposed to be. And when we find that person, we realize that we are enough. What we have is enough and there is less greed, anger, fear, and hatred. More acceptance and love. I see teaching yoga as planting the seeds of love and acceptance and my students will go and continue to sprout. I cannot change the world, but if I can make one person smile and feel good about themselves, I have changed something.

My Message To All Of You

Remember that life is in the now and it can change in any second. We live too often in the future or past and forget that the only place where life exists is in this moment.now. We are the masters of our time and we can change how we perceive the time. One blissful second can last forever in your heart. We can master our own being and time and we can choose how we spend our forever. “If you can do it today, why wait till tomorrow?.”

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